Discover More About Us

The Stillwater Arts & Humanities Council is comprised of volunteers who want to be involved in the arts in Stillwater.

Our Mission

To encourage and support arts and humanities in the Stillwater area. Funds raised are awarded as grants to educational and cultural organizations as well as schools.

Board Members

Rebecca Brienen – President

Mike Staubus – Vice President

Sue Moore – Secretary

Rebecca Brienen – Interim Treasurer

Amber Fladie – Social Media

Kim Strom – Webmaster

Lindsay Barnes

Billy McCollom

Brandon Mitts

Sarah Priest

Courtney Callison – Intern

Barry Fuxa – Intern

How to get involved

Join the Board

Volunteers are vital to any non-profit organization. If you want to be considered for the Board, please contact us at ArtHCStillwater@gmail.com

Volunteer at an event

If you have a passion for a specific event that we host, let us know how you would like to contribute. Please contact us at ArtHCStillwater@gmail.com

Provide ideas

Do you have idea for an event or project that supports the arts in our community? Contact us at ArtHCStillwater@gmail.com and tell us how we can partner together.

Let’s support the arts together.

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